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7 Sep 2010

Governance Framework for CIF

Call for industry figures to join Forum's Governance Board

Governance Framework for Cloud Industry Forum unveiled

6 Sep 2010

Budget will 'drive Cloud adoption'

Austerity era heralds innovative thinking in IT delivery

Budget will 'drive Cloud adoption' in both public and private sectors

6 Sep 2010

Analysts predict explosion

Cloud Industry Forum supports latest IDC research

Industry analysts prediction of Cloud

6 Sep 2010

Code of Practice Needed

Cloud Industry Forum Supports Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) launch of 'Personal information online code of practice'

Cloud Code Of Practice Needed Now More Than Ever

6 Sep 2010
1 Sep 2010

CIF to unveil Code of Practice

Cloud Industry Forum to unveil Code of Practice

26 Apr 2010

CIF goes into Public Consultation

Industry body drives initiative to deliver a clear, professional and trustworthy approach to the delivery of Cloud services

Cloud Industry Forum goes into Public Consultation on new Code of Practice

22 Apr 2010

Digital Economy Bill

Better than nothing but still short of the mark

Poorly understood Digital Economy Bill could hamper UK PLC

26 Jan 2010

Cloud Storage Alert

Firms still shy of the Cloud says research backed by Cloud Industry Forum

17 Dec 2009

Code of Conduct

Cloud Industry Forum drives Code of Conduct - Timetable to develop a Code of Conduct standard to aid users' understanding and expectations of cloud providers underway -