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9 Feb 2017

Cloud Industry Forum launches a vendor independent Professional Member certification scheme to help plug the digital skills gap

Acknowledging research reports about the lack of skills in the cloud computing market, the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has launched its Professional Member certification scheme based on its independent eLearning programme for IT professionals.

The new certification scheme is open to all...

6 Feb 2017

IT leaders must speak the language of finance to secure support and investment from the board

CIF and Deloitte outline how to achieve the right balance between operational and capital costs when deploying the cloud

1 Feb 2017

Cloud Industry Forum absorbs EuroCloud UK membership with immediate effect

CIF welcomes EuroCloud UK’s 50+ members into its membership community

25 Jan 2017

The Cloud Security Alliance gets behind the UK Cloud Awards 2017

Organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the best practices in cloud computing security supports the awards celebrating innovation in the UK cloud market

9 Jan 2017

The Cloud Industry Forum announces its first Honorary Professional Members

The industry body creates Honorary Membership for industry leaders

14 Dec 2016

Tech Data sponsors UK Cloud Awards 2017

Technology distributor backs awards celebrating innovation and technical excellence in the UK cloud IT market

8 Dec 2016

T-Systems supports the UK Cloud Awards 2017

Leading vendor of ICT systems for multinational corporations and public sector institutions sponsors the awards celebrating innovation in the UK cloud market

30 Nov 2016

Digital Skills Gap Set to Hinder UK Productivity

As digital skills increasingly become the foundation of a competitive economy, businesses need to invest in digital training to increase productivity and stimulate innovation

21 Nov 2016

HyperGrid is the latest member to join the Cloud Industry Forum

Global vendor targeting MSPs in the UK joins forces with CIF to drive education and transparency in the sector

17 Nov 2016

ScienceLogic Sponsors UK Cloud Awards 2017

Leading Hybrid IT monitoring software company backs awards celebrating entrepreneurialism and innovation in the UK cloud industry