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CIF welcomes EuroCloud UK members

As part of the decision by EuroCloud UK to cease operations on January 31st 2017, CIF has agreed to welcome former EuroCloud UK members into the CIF membership community. Joining forces in this way helps us by creating:

  • A larger combined membership, better able to sustain ongoing activities
  • A broader range of activities and benefits available to members
  • Economies of scale in administration, member recruitment and promotion

Any organisation that was a member of EuroCloud UK on January 31st 2017 is invited to transition its membership to CIF with immediate effect. CIF will continue to honour the terms of your EuroCloud UK membership, plus the additional benefits of CIF membership. You will have full access to CIF’s value proposition, including its Professional Membership and e-learning scheme, until you reach your membership anniversary with EuroCloud UK, at which point you will be encouraged to renew your membership directly with CIF.

The following activities, formerly run by EuroCloud UK, will continue under CIF, and we will shortly update this page with links to further information. In case of urgent enquiries, get in touch with CIF.

  • EuroCloud UK members with questions about the transition to CIF, email CIF
  • For details of our continuing events program, click here
  • To contact our G-Cloud Working Group, email CIF
  • To contact our Europe Observatory Working Group, email CIF