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Webinar: Cloud Migration: Why, How and When

Recorded: Feb 16 2021 | 63 mins
​Presented by: Alex Hilton, Cloud Industry Forum | Danny Keating - Data Intensity | Arawan Gajajiva - Matillion | Graham Bromham - Fujitsu

Cloud Migration: Why, How and When


In this newly cloud-first world - driven by the Digital Transformation necessitated by the pandemic - there’s never been a more crucial time to make sure your cloud migration is a success. But a successful cloud migration requires a clear roadmap to help mitigate risk and enable businesses to safely and securely bring their operations to the cloud - and this can be hard to find.

Join episode 16 of Digital Transformation in Action where host Alex Hilton and guest experts share the essential considerations of cloud migration, including:

  • What the obstacles to cloud migration are - including a lack of skilled teams and unrealistic timelines
  • Best practices for successfully overcoming these obstacles
  • The benefits of successful cloud migration - including data and threat protection, flexibility and scalability
  • What to be aware of once you’ve migrated: the good, the ‘bad’ and potential unknowns
  • And more