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Webinar: Building your Digital Transformation Team

Recorded Nov 5 2019 52 mins
Presented by: Alex Hilton, CIF I Bala Kalavala, Wipro Digital I David McLeman, Ancoris Limited I Arun Trivedi, Wipro Limited

About this webinar

Building your Digital Transformation Team

Your organization has committed itself to realizing the opportunities of digital transformation, but does it have the tools to be successful? According to a recent LinkedIn survey, 54% of businesses believe that a digital talent gap hampers their digital transformation initiatives. Even if those skills exist within your organization, are DT projects seen as solely the domain of IT or a collaboration between diverse stakeholders? How can you tap into all of the resources and perspectives needed to truly transform how your business operates?

Join us for Episode 2 of Digital Transformation in Action, where our expert panel will discuss how you can build the right team to unlock success in your DT initiatives.