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Start Ups - SMB

The Cloud Industry Forum recognises the innovation and agility that new businesses bring to the market. Most start ups have been working on an innovative solution long before they start up their business. It’s these businesses that need the exposure that the Cloud Industry Forum can bring. We host quarterly networking and social events that will give you the opportunity to network with well known highly respected individuals. Additionally, there are many other benefits, like chairing your own special interest group, contributing to the Knowledge base and participating in panel sessions with large organisations.

The Cloud Industry Forum’s – Industry Membership Program for Start Ups provides 12 months subscription which is part funded by CIF. The application process is very simple and acceptance is based on a strict criteria that is wholly at the discretion of the Cloud Industry Forum.

If you’d like to know more about the Cloud Industry Forum's – Industry Membership for Start Ups please call 01628 640060.