Stack Group secures independent validation with Cloud certification scheme | Cloud industry forum

Stack Group secures independent validation with Cloud certification scheme

CSP certifies against the Cloud Industry Forum’s Code of Practice

The latest research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) suggests that trust in the capabilities of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) is one of the biggest barriers to Cloud adoption. To counter this, Stack Group has certified against the CIF Code of Practice for CSPs to drive end user confidence and demonstrate its capabilities to the market.

Founded in 1984 and based in Liverpool, Stack Group delivers a wide range of IT solutions and support services, with a particular focus on Cloud, telecoms, infrastructure and networks. Working with organisations of all sizes across the public and private sectors, the company prides itself on its service levels and its ability to deliver responsive and flexible solutions to real-world business problems.

With Cloud services comprising a major part of Stack Group’s overall portfolio, the company sought certification against the CIF Code of Practice to remove any doubt about its capabilities in the minds of end users.

Jeffrey Orr, Managing Director and Group Chairman at Stack Group, explained: “When we first came across the CIF Code of Practice we were very impressed with what we saw and keen to support it. Its principles of openness and clarity set a very good ethical standard for the industry and are ideals that we hold as well. What certification provides us with is the ability to stand out from our competitors and provide potential customers with an extra level of reassurance that they can trust us with their data. Those looking to use Cloud can immediately see that we have been independently assessed by the Cloud Industry Forum and that we meet the highest standards of Cloud service delivery. That kind of endorsement can only prove to be beneficial. 

The Code of Practice is a credible, certifiable tool that allows Cloud Service Providers to demonstrate that they meet specified requirements of transparency, accountability and capability, as prescribed by CIF. It aims to standardise enterprises offering Cloud services to provide clarity and assurance to end users seeking to migrate to the Cloud. The entire process is overseen and managed by CIF’s independent certification partner, APM Group.

Richard Pharro, CEO of APM Group, concluded: “CIF’s research demonstrates that the market is actively looking for greater reassurance in the capabilities of CSPs, with the majority of organisations (63 per cent) stating that they would prefer to work with a provider that has publicly committed to a code of practice over one with no public accountability. Schemes such as CIF’s Code of Practice therefore play a critical role in building levels of trust between providers and end users and help to raise the bar for quality in the UK Cloud industry.”