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Professional Membership Services

Professional Membership gives you access to a range of services including:

  Independent Research

The Cloud Industry Forum is an independent industry body, that commissions in-depth and independent market research for our members on a regular basis. 

CIF Professional members have exclusive access to these comprehensive research papers.


  Knowledge hub – Cloud resources library

The CIF Knowledge Hub is an extensive library of cloud resources including the latest cloud white papers, cloud research, webinars, guides, case studies, slides and much more covering a wide range of cloud topics.

CIF Professional members have access to all resources in the CIF Knowledge Hub.


  Industry news

Get the latest cloud industry news, highlights and comment from our network of industry experts and affiliates. Provided on a regular basis via e-mail, our news round up is a summary of the top news items collated for our members. 

CIF Professional members can get these news feeds and have the option to personalise based on areas of interest.



The Cloud Industry Forum is developing a series of online cloud training and e-learning modules covering the latest knowledge, guidance and best practices associated with adopting cloud services and technologies. 

These online modules focus on the complete cloud adoption journey and follow the 5 stages and 21 steps in the CIF Cloud Adoption Roadmap

These e-learning courses are only available to CIF Professional members.


  Accreditations – (Coming soon)

The Cloud Industry Forum is developing a set of three, vendor independent, cloud accreditations in conjunction with our research partners and key industry experts. These accreditations will help professionals validate their cloud knowledge and give them tangible differentiation in the market. 

The CIF accreditations are only available to CIF members. 


  Events & Workshops

As part of our drive to help our members fast track their cloud knowledge we are developing a series of events, workshops and webinars that connect members with experts around topics and themes relevant to the cloud adoption journey.

CIF Professional Members benefit from priority bookings, discounts or free passes.


  Other Professional Member benefits

CIF Professional members are eligible for affiliate discounts and promotions that help them make the most from their investments. 

Over time the Cloud Industry Forum will be adding additional services and we welcome feedback and suggestions from our community to help make the services we provide as valuable to our members as possible.

If you would like to contribute to our services roadmap please send an email to