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Professional CIF Membership

The Cloud Industry Forum provides a range of member services that enable individuals to access relevant, current and independent advice, guidance and expertise to help them make informed decisions, be more effective in their jobs and enhance their careers through accreditation.

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Developed for professionals involved in the assessment, selection, adoption, integration and management of cloud technologies and services. Our services are not just aimed at technology professionals – see more.

Membership Services

We have a range of services available to members including:

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Benefits of Membership

Our membership programme is designed to help our individual members be more knowledgeable, capable and effective, and to be recognised in the industry through personal accreditation. In addition;

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Gain real, expert knowledge to be more effective in your

  Validate your knowledge and increase your personal value

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Member Discounts

Stay ahead of the game and be more valuable to your organisation
  Save money and increase the resources available to you and your organisation



Workshops & Events

Fast track your development and become the expert in your organisation   Network with your peers and get to see the latest cloud technologies and strategies