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News Roundup 5 March

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UK data laws are adequate. For now.  
By Frank Jennings, The Cloud Lawyer.   

The EU Commission has issued draft decisions that UK data laws are adequate for data transfers to continue. Perhaps the only surprise was that it took the Commission so long to issue these draft decisions. After all, the UK has had data protection laws longer than the EU. The latest iteration, GDPR, became enforceable in 2018 in the UK just as it did in the other EU member states. And the EU Withdrawal Act preserved its effect in the UK. All part of the political fun and games in the Brexit negotiations.



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In Pursuit of Tomorrow | 11 March'21 | 3.30pm 

- 30 free tickets available for In Pursuit of Tomorrow with Kevin Gaskell Former CEO of Porsche, Lamborghini and BMW.

Unlocking the Data Economy with the Power of the Cloud: Strategies for Success | 16 March'21 | 4pm

Reducing risk in the cloud – What you haven’t considered | 17 March'21 | 9.30am - 10.30am

Live Panel: The future of cloud security | 18 March'21 | 10.50am - 11.30am 

Defining Your Remote Working Strategy | 24 March'21 | 3pm & OnDemand 

Member event: Cloud Industry Forum members meeting | 14 April'21 | 10am - 12pm 


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Adapt, Innovate, Advance!
Digital Transformation in the Covid era

The cloud delivered for over 90 per cent of UK plc when tackling the challenge of COVID.Cloud Industry Forum research finds that COVID put the Cloud to test and it passed with flying colours.