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Why the “IT skills crisis” isn’t what it seems.  Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant – Ensono.  Whatever the company, whatever the sector, there’s one phrase at the top of the agenda for every IT director: the ‘skills crisis’.

Undeniably, the crisis is a very real problem for IT, with significant consequences for the competitiveness of UK businesses and the economy at large.  Recent Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) research starkly illustrated this problem, revealing 40 per cent of organisations believe their efforts to implement digital transformation are hampered by a lack of staff and skills.


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Webinar: When Digital Transformation Projects Fail: What Next? | 2nd June'20 | 4pm & OnDemand | CIF & Guests

CIF Member Event: CIF Talks | 3rd June'20 | 4pm & OnDemand | Jon Cosson, Head of IT @ CISO at JM Finn

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Collaboration in Digital Transformation From BoardRoom to Stakeholder Buy-In

With DT moving from being touted as the next major industry trend  to being central to business strategy success, it's crucial that it has the backing from the boardroom in order for it to be driven and delivered successfully.

Is it really that straightforward?  Discover in this episode of DT in Action.

With CIF | MHA LLP | Ingram Micro | Erebus Digital

DT in Action - EP 107 - 5 May 2020


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How will IT plans and attitudes change post COVID-19

David Terrar, CIF Director & Chair | Founder & CXO of Agile Elephant



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Industry Research

Rubrik:  Avoid Ransomware Disasters with a Better Backup and Recovery Strategy

As per Gartner, "the potential complexity, unknown variants, and growing sophistication of ransomware attacks against corporate data centers challenges the readiness of data protection teams to recover from an attack.  The number of attacks continues to grown, driven by the changing agendas of attackers".

"This research focuses on improving infrastructure and operations teams’ awareness of backup and recovery solution features to manage ransomware activity. Additionally, best practices are reviewed to improve backup and recovery environments’ resilience and how to best manage recovery objectives of the business."

Rubik Gartner-Report-2020-500x300.png.imgt.1200.1200
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