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News Roundup 28 February

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How 5G will power the fourth industry revolution. By Gordon McKenna, Public Cloud, Ensono.

We’re often said to be in the midst of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ – a fundamental change in the way we live, work and relate to one another. While AI is often credited as being the centrepiece of this new chapter in human development, to think only in these terms is somewhat reductive. A vitally important driver of the next wave of technology and technological innovation is the fifth-generation wireless technology, 5G.

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CIF Cloud Events and Webinars

Webinar: Is Digital Transformation Only for the Enterprise? | 3rd March | 4:00 pm GMT then On Demand 

London Tech Show 2020 / Cloud Expo Europe | 11-12th March | Excel, London

Enterprise Security – Digital Transformation | 17 March’20, 9.50 am | Cyber Security & Cloud Expo

CIF Industry Members Meeting | 29th April’20 | Hogan Lovells UK Headquarters, London

UK Cloud Awards 2020 | 4th June, London | Nominations Open Jan'20

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Top tips for smaller businesses that want to get the most out of the cloud

Cloud computing is often touted as one of the most efficient ways to run an IT operation within businesses – especially those on the small and medium end of the scale. But it doesn’t come without its own pitfalls.

Alex Hilton, our chief exec, is joined by ITProto talk about how SMBs  can navigate the cloud landscape, what level of skills they need and how to avoid mounting costs.

ITPro AH Interview - Feb20
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Does Digital Transformation Only Work in the Cloud?

In episode 4 of Digital Transformation in Action, we bring together experts to discuss how flexible Digital Transformation is, and explore whether - as cloud computing matures - cloud can be a help or a hindrance.

View the debate to understand cloud’s contributions in the wider context of the business, and see where it fits into your Digital Transformation strategy.


BT - Does DT only work in the cloud FEB20
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CIF Research

Over a quarter (28%) of businesses in the UK now have a fully formed digital transformation strategy in place, and over half (54%) are in the process of implementing one, according to the latest research from Cloud Industry Forum (CIF). Critically the Cloud is seen as either very important or vital to organisations’ digital strategies to 82% of respondents.


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