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News Roundup 12 June

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Coronavirus is driving digital transformation.  Frank Jennings, Commercial & Cloud Lawyer at Wallace LLP & CIF Board Member.  COVID-19 is the wrecking ball on the C-suite’s refusal to embark upon digital transformation.

With the country in lockdown and staff unable to travel, Coronavirus has meant many people are having to work from home and it has led to a massive uptick in cloud adoption.

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CIF Cloud Events and Webinars

RPost: Optimise! 2020 - E-Sign & E-Security Virtual Las Vegas User and Partner Conference | 18 June'20

Ingram Cloud Summit: The Digital Sessions | W/c 15 June'20

HPE Discover Virtual Experience | 23 June'20 | Live & On Demand 

ITPro Live: Building a Cloud MVP Panel discussion | 23 June'20, 10.30am 

CIF  Member Event: CIF Talks - Why COVID-19 is accelerating the move |24 June'20, 4pm & On Demand

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When Digital Transformation Projects Fail: What Next?

Despite best efforts, 70% of DT projects fail according to research by McKinsey.  What happens when your project is one of the 70%?

Our host & CIF CEO, Alex Hilton & guests, give guidance on what to do next & what to do to ensure you don't find yourself there in the first place in this episode of DT in Action.

With CIF | Dell Boomi | Flexential | VMWare

DigTrans in Action - When DT Projects fail
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Emerging Stronger from a Crisis - Simon Ratcliffe, Principal Consultant - Ensono

In the past few weeks IT departments have been performing minor miracles to ensure staff can work remotely and effectively. Now, out of the chaos of implementing remote working has emerged a calm and an adjustment to the new normality.

Is there perhaps a temptation to pause, take stock and consider how we apply normal IT operating guidelines to ensure our new environment is resilient, secure and stable?

Enson0 - Emerging Stronger from a Crisis
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Industry Research

Rubrik:  Avoid Ransomware Disasters with a Better Backup and Recovery Strategy

As per Gartner, "the potential complexity, unknown variants, and growing sophistication of ransomware attacks against corporate data centers challenges the readiness of data protection teams to recover from an attack.  The number of attacks continues to grown, driven by the changing agendas of attackers".

"This research focuses on improving infrastructure and operations teams’ awareness of backup and recovery solution features to manage ransomware activity. Additionally, best practices are reviewed to improve backup and recovery environments’ resilience and how to best manage recovery objectives of the business."


Rubik Gartner-Report-2020-500x300.png.imgt.1200.1200


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WP 23 - Cover Page

Over a quarter (28%) of businesses in the UK now have a fully formed digital transformation strategy in place, and over half (54%) are in the process of implementing one, according to the latest research from Cloud Industry Forum (CIF). Critically the Cloud is seen as either very important or vital to organisations’ digital strategies to 82% of respondents.

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