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How digital transformation will help Covid-19 lockdown recovery.  By cloud services provider and Google Cloud Premier Partner, Ancoris. 

Digital transformation was high on the agenda of many companies at the start of 2020. More than 80% of UK companies either had a digital transformation strategy in place or were in the process of implementing one, according to independent research carried out on behalf of Ancoris and the Cloud Industry Forum. But the Covid-19 pandemic has meant many plans made at the start of the year have been turned on their head.

How DT will hlep covid19 lockdown recovery   Read More

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When Digital Transformation Projects Fail: What Next?

Despite best efforts, 70% of DT projects fail according to research by McKinsey.  What happens when your project is one of the 70%?

Our host & CIF CEO, Alex Hilton & guests, give guidance on what to do next & what to do to ensure you don't find yourself there in the first place in this episode of DT in Action.

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Digital transformation goes mainstream

Ancoris and Cloud Industry Forum research suggests there is still progress to be made to ensure long-term lessons from pandemic are learned.

While digital transformation has been happening in organisations for many years now, the events of 2020 have forced companies to accelerate the pace of this change and make preparations to ensure this change will be permanent.

This research, which was conducted by Vanson Bourne prior to lockdown, surveyed UK-based IT and business decision-makers and sought to understand how they were exploiting cloud and other next-generation technologies, and the barriers standing in the way of adoption.

Over a quarter (28%) of businesses in the UK now have a fully formed digital transformation strategy in place, and over half (54%) are in the process of implementing one, according to the latest research from Cloud Industry Forum (CIF). Critically the Cloud is seen as either very important or vital to organisations’ digital strategies to 82% of respondents.

Ancoris - DT Goes mainstream report   Download Here


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