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Information Pack

IP1 An Executive Briefing

This document outlines the business case for seeking certification and provides a high level overview of the full CIF self certification process, including management considerations and expectation setting.

IP2 Conducting the Self Certification

This document incorporates the specific self certification requirements from the Code of Practice supported by guidance and further information on the Preparation, Assessment, Application (Declaration) and Post-Application stages of the process.

IP3 Guidance for Cloud Service Providers

This document is aimed at organisations undertaking the CIF Code of Practice. It is also relevant to any organisation that may be considering self certification against the Code. It provides instructional and informational guidance for organisations going through the Self Certification process and includes templates and resources which will need to be referenced during various stages of the process, from initial preparation through to publishing certified status.

IP4 The Code of Practice

This document provides the definitive description of the current version of the CIF Cloud Service Providers Code of Practice

IP5 Terms and Conditions

This document (IP5) contains Cloud Industry Forum's general Terms and Conditions. These conditions must be accepted as part of the on-line registration process.