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Getting to the Cloud Faster: the 5 Ws of Cloud Migration

This whitepaper is designed to help organisations that are considering migrating a portion or all of their applications/services to a public cloud environment. The information presented is based on the many conversations we at ScienceLogic have had with our customers, our prospects, and others in the industry. As the leader in hybrid IT monitoring, we are often brought in at all stages of the cloud migration lifecycle, whether it be prior to any work being done, in the middle of a migration, or at the end of the migration. 

For ease of readability we are basing this paper on the 5 Ws as they relate to cloud migration:

  1. Why Migrate?
  2. What to Migrate?
  3. What is Migration and What are the Steps that Go into It?
  4. When to Migrate?
  5. Where to Migrate?
  6. Who to Ask for more Help?

Further, this paper provides both a “quick glance” view of content, and a more in-depth read. The graphical elements are designed to summarise most of the main points. One suggested way to consume this document would be to focus on the graphical elements first and then read the text to get more data on areas of interest.



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