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E-Learning Courses

Cloud E-Learning

Online learning courses are now regarded as one of the most popular and engaging methods of training and learning. As a result we have commissioned the development of a series of e-learning modules that focus on the complete cloud adoption process.

For more details of what topics are covered in each course Download the course summary

Easy to use framework

These e-learning modules are available to our members and follow the first primary stages of the CIF Cloud adoption roadmap.



The e-learning modules will support the CIF certification programme and form the bulk of the support material needed to study for the CIF Professional Certification.

Here is a recording of an example module from the current available courses.

In-depth modules for interactive learning

As we continue to expand the CIF membership programme we may develop more advanced certifications, and elearning modules that cover further stages in the  cloud adoption series.

Customised Learning based on your needs

E-learning modules can be accessed individually according to need. This granular approach will enable individual members to customise and build their own curriculum of learning by selecting the modules that are relevant to their needs and also allows us to provide guidance and support to professionals working in specific areas.

If you want to know more e-mail us at – elearning@cloudindustryforum.org