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Clover Index – Cloud Vendor Rating

The Clover index has been developed to provide UK organisations and their affiliated consulting teams with semi-automated, ‘chaperoned’ access to a vast amount of independently developed, unbiased, specialist expert Cloud Vendor Ratings analysis to help them shortlist cloud providers that ‘best fit’ their specific requirements. 


How does it work?

More than 300 metrics are entered and annually updated into the Clover index ecosystem portal directly by each participating CSP (under the terms of a strict NDA), and these are then used as input to a thorough quantitive and competitive analysis by independent industry experts.

To date more than 70 vendors have provided highly confidential data to the Clover Engine and been analysed against the specific requirements of firms in regulated markets.

CIF Professional Members have free access to this service (see below for details)

The Clover Engine is a constantly learning feedback cycle and is at the heart of the Clover Cloud Vendor Ratings index.

Who is it for?

  • Organisations that need independent and expert help in selecting CSPs
  • Cloud consultants / professional service companies that are assisting organisations with cloud adoption projects
  • Cloud consultants who want to become Clover Index Affiliated Professionals
  • Managed Service Providers offering Cloud platforms as a mechanism for generating new customer opportunities.

Clover Index Website

How to Access the Clover Index

CIF Professional members get free access to the service and exclusive free use of Clover consultants to help them get the most from the tool. To access this service please log in to the site and e-mail Clover Index from the link on the Members home page.

For Cloud consultants that want to become 'Clover Index Affiliated Consultants' and assist organisations with their cloud projects e-mail

If you are a Managed / cloud service provider and want to join the Clover ecosystem please e-mail