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Firms still shy of the Cloud says research backed by Cloud Industry Forum

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), the new industry association formed to bring trust to cloud computing, today called for cloud service providers to demonstrate openness and good practices to enable the market to trust cloud computing.

New research from Forrester, whose report 'Business Users Are Not Ready For Cloud Storage' claims that a majority of firms are not yet enthused about moving their storage to cloud services. According to CIF group chairman Andy Burton, also chief executive of web-hosting company Fasthosts, trust for cloud services has failed to match the hype around the platform.

"Firms aren't taking up the cloud as quickly as they might due to a major lack of transparency, openness and trust. Cloud service providers need to be able to allay customer fears about levels of service, interoperability and security. CIF is currently working on a code of conduct that will enable cloud service providers to show customers independently assessed levels of professionalism and integrity. We are inviting all organisations related to the cloud sector that are interested in standardising the industry, the chance to help shape this code of conduct and ensure CIF represents every sector of this community," says Burton.

For more information about CIF, or to register an interest in being a participant, call 0845 521 8630.

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