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Cloud Industry Forum launches second e-learning module for its Professional Membership Scheme

New e-learning courses designed for advanced professionals to address the digital skills gap in cloud deployment process

The second e-learning module comprising of steps 4 to 12 in the Cloud Industry Forum’s 21 stage Cloud Adoption Roadmap, has been launched. The fully-independent online training courses encompass detailed training programmes on assessment and planning when it comes to the complete cloud adoption process.

The module comprises nine new steps including ‘Migration Planning’, ‘Staff and Resources’, ‘Software Licensing in the Cloud’, ‘Contracts, SLAs and Cloud Law’ and ‘Service Provider’. As with the first module, launched in 2016, this e-learning course supports the CIF certification programme and forms the bulk of the support material needed to study for the CIF Professional Certification, which is CPD accredited.

Alex Hilton, CEO of the Cloud Industry Forum, stated: “According to the findings of our research there appears to be a deep and growing digital skills gap. Having the right skills in the broader workforce to deliver digital transformation is critical. However, just 45 per cent of respondents to our annual survey believe that their organisation has the skills required to adapt to digital transformation. Our figures also found that while 15 per cent are actively recruiting to plug their skills gap, three in ten had no plans to do so.

“We believe that our e-learning module fills a vitally important gap not only for those organisations looking to bolster their in-house skills, but provide skilled cloud professionals for the broader market. Online learning courses are now regarded as one of the most popular and engaging methods of training and learning. As a result we have commissioned the development of a series vendor agnostic of e-learning modules that focus on the complete cloud adoption journey. The courses have been designed and developed with our Professional Members in mind enabling IT, procurement and business professionals to access a huge pool of cloud research, guides and courses and helps them validate their knowledge though training and certification.”

This is the second of five e-learning modules being made available to CIF members and Professional Members and follows the framework of 21 stages covered by the CIF Cloud Adoption Roadmap.

The Cloud Adoption Roadmap has five sections and 21 unique stages. It has been created to provide guidance and resources relevant to each stage and ultimately helps distil this complex type of undertaking into a manageable project framework.

The e-learning modules are also designed to support the CIF certification programme and form the bulk of the support material needed to study for the CIF Cloud Certified Professional – Advanced, Level II.

Alex continued: “As we continue to expand the CIF membership programme and develop more advanced accreditations, we will develop and release all 21 stages. This granular approach will enable individual members and our rapidly growing Professional Membership group to customise and build their own curriculum of learning by selecting the modules that are relevant to their needs and also allows us to provide guidance and support to professionals working in specific areas.”

Membership costs reflect the fact that this is aimed at industry and business professionals.

Standard membership fees are as follows:

  • CIF Professional Membership: £250 pa

(Professional Membership discounts are available for company memberships)

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