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Cloud Explosion

Industry analysts prediction of Cloud explosion in 2010 supported by Industry Players

Cloud Industry Forum supports latest IDC research

The news that Cloud Computing is predicted to expand at a rapid rate in 2010 recently made by analyst house IDC, has been supported by the UK based Cloud Industry Forum.

In its latest report IDC expects enterprise-grade Cloud offerings to come to market which in turn is expected to encourage more organisations to migrate to either private or public hosted offerings.

Andy Burton, CIF Chairman and CEO of Fasthosts stated: "Many end user organisations are investigating the relevance and fit of what we call Cloud services to their business, and service providers have been reporting clearly increased interest. Cloud computing is simply a technology whose time has come in that it is a natural technical evolution of the software supply chain and makes technology accessible to a wider addressable market. As a result the traditional barriers to entry of cost, resource and knowledge are reduced to the extent that many solutions are no longer the privilege of a few. What is also becoming very clear is that the recession has in many ways been the tipping point in the way IT services are provided,"

"With budgets tight and access to capital challenging, investment in IT for many businesses has been frozen if not in decline. This has naturally led many organisations to consider the efficiency savings that Cloud based services afford by enabling them to partner with a service provider to deliver baseline services whilst freeing up the stretched IT personnel to focus on delivering competitive edge and agility in this challenging environment."

CIF is a newly formed self-regulatory body, that has been established to promote trust and adoption of Cloud Services within the sector by developing a public facing code of conduct to standardise and certify enterprises offering these services. Whilst other groups exist to standardise technologies or agree interoperability standards, CIF aims to improve service delivery standards and transparency of the business behind the services, promoting best practices to enhance customer experience and confidence.

Burton continues: "CIF is still a new organisation, but its aspirations are clear and relevant. By delivering a 'Code of Conduct' for the industry to adhere to, we aim to assist customer choice and confidence in the use of online services by providing transparency around the operation, governance and professional conduct of the businesses behind the services offered. One certainty is that as more enterprises adopt both private and public hosted services the need for effective self regulation will grow as greater uptake will show Cloud providers' true colours - either as quality partners, as we encourage, or not."

CIF is in the process of structuring a working group made up of informed industry leaders to drive the creation and launch of a code of conduct in the UK. For more information about CIF, or to register an interest in being a participant, call 0845 521 8630.

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