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CIF News Round-Up 6 December'19


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CIF’s Deputy Chair Frank Bennett publishes new book.  This book is aimed squarely at those who want to effect a change in the way IT services, and specifically Cloud services, are consumed and delivered to an organization. Those who recognize the vital role IT plays in a world that is increasingly technology driven in what is commonly referred to as the ‘digital age’. Those that want to become change agents.

This book is intended to be a catalyst for action aimed at a range of players inside and outside your organization.




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Webinar | Your Stories of Digital Transformation

How have other approached Digital Transformation in their business, what did they wish they'd known before they started, and what one piece of advice would they give to those about to embark on their journey?

In Episode 3 of Digital Transformation in Action, expert panel share their stories of DT and discuss how they overcome the inevitable challenges and share their successes.


Webinar | Building your Digital Transformation Team 

Your organisation has committed iteselt to realising the opportunities of digital transformation, but does it have the tools to be successful?

Tune in for Episode 2 of Digital Transformation in Action, where our expert panel discusses how you can build the right team to unlock success in your DT initiatives.

BT Your stories of DT



Building yr DT Team

Webinar | Introducing your Organisation to Digital Transformation

As the idea of digital transformation becomes ubiquitous it's easy for IT leaders to assume that we ahve moved passed questions of "why" and "if" to "when" and "how".  But has the term become so broadly-used that no one knows what it means?

In this episode we focus on how to educate your organisation and leadership in the opportunities and expectations of DT projects, from getting initial buy-in to demonstrating real success.

Introducing your Organization to Digital Transformation

CIF Research 

For modern organizations, digital transformation is increasingly the only game in town. CIOs are turning to multiple cloud providers in droves for new app-based models, driving enhanced business agility to meet ever-changing market demands. Yet security remains a constant challenge. Web applications themselves remain a major target for data theft and DDoS. A Verizon report from earlier this year claimed that a quarter of the breaches it analyzed stemmed from web application attacks.

So, what are organizations doing about it? The results of a new Barracuda Networks survey reveal some interesting findings.


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