CIF News Round-Up 24 January 2020 | Cloud industry forum

CIF News Round-Up 24 January 2020

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The path to multi-cloud success, not multi-cloud distress. By Alex Hilton, Chief Executive Officer, Cloud Industry Forum.  There’s a paradox at the heart of multi-cloud computing. 

It’s a popular deployment – something that all the analysts agree on.  According to Flexera’s 2019 State of the Cloud survey, 84 percent of enterprises now have a multi-cloud strategy. A Smarter With Gartner article confirms this; “in a recent Gartner survey of public cloud users, 81% of respondents said they are working with two or more providers.”


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Over a quarter (28%) of businesses in the UK now have a fully formed digital transformation strategy in place, and over half (54%) are in the process of implementing one, according to the latest research from Cloud Industry Forum (CIF). Critically the Cloud is seen as either very important or vital to organisations’ digital strategies to 82% of respondents.

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Watch out for more of our DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION In Action series in association with BrightTALK.

Future upcoming series for 'Advanced Infrastructure for Digital Transformation'

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  • 18 Feb: Software-Defined, Virtualization and IoT (09:00, 11:00 & 13:00 GMT)
    Learn how to build and implement robust 360-degree application security strategies, right through from APIs to threat protection.
  • 19 Feb: Powering SDN and SD-WAN with 5G (09:00, 11:00 & 13:00 GMT)
    Explore how to effectively implement and manage test automation in today’s leading organizations.
  • 20 Feb: Digital Transformation at the Edge (09:00, 11:00 GMT)
    Deep-dive into how edge computing is undergoing its own Digital Transformation process in order to power others’ DX journeys

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