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CIF Code of Practice Disclosures

The following public declaration information is the latest available.

Company Information

Corporate name: Cloud Industry Forum Limited
Operating Address: Sword House
Totteridge Road
High Wycombe
HP13 6DG
0844 583 2521
Registered Office: PO Box 4160
Alternative trading names: None
Websites used by company:
Date of formation: 02/09/10
Legal status: Limited by Guarantee (Not for Profit)
Registration number: 0736083 (Registered in England)
Ownership: Owned by Members of Federation Against Software Theft
Directors: Alex Hilton
Federation Against Software Theft
Graham Cook

Executive Management

Dr Richard Sykes  Chairman
APM Group Certification Process Services

An Independent Governance Board oversees the Code of Practice operations.

Full Scope of Operations

Countries with local operations: United Kingdom
Countries with data centres: United Kingdom - hosted by Third Party
Scope of Services: Provider of Self Certification Code of Practice

Compliance with Code

The Cloud Industry Forum is committed to complying with the Code of Practice for Service Providers and this public statement is made in evidence of that position.

Third-Party Coverage of Code

The Cloud Industry Forum disclaims any and all liability arising out of the use of services or otherwise of certified organizations. Where disclosed information or capabilities as specified by the Code of Practice are essential in purchasing cloud services from a certified organization, it/these should be cited contractually. Professional advice appropriate to specific circumstances should always be obtained.