CIF achieves EU Cloud Code of Conduct Supporter Status, signalling continued cloud collaboration in a post-Brexit world | Cloud industry forum

CIF achieves EU Cloud Code of Conduct Supporter Status, signalling continued cloud collaboration in a post-Brexit world

CIF gets behind the EU Cloud Code of Conduct, which seeks to help CSPs demonstrate compliance with European data protection laws

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), together with the EU Cloud Code of Conduct’s General Assembly, announced today that CIF has been granted Supporter status for the EU Cloud Code of Conduct, signalling a commitment between the two organisations to continued privacy collaboration on a wide range of cloud issues in a post-Brexit world.

The EU Cloud Code of Conduct has been designed to create more transparency in the European cloud marketplace, making it easier for cloud customers to determine which Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) are appropriate for a cloud customer’s requirements. It is intended to help foster an environment of trust and data protection in the market by requiring registered CSPs to have a high default level of data protection. It is run by the General Assembly of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct, whose founding members include Salesforce, Oracle, IBM, and Alibaba Cloud.

CIF is a UK-based, not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve standards and education in the cloud industry. It provides transparency through certification to a Code of Practice to endorse credible providers of cloud services. In addition, through its Professional CIF Membership scheme, CIF assists IT professionals and end user businesses in determining the core information necessary to enable them to adopt such services with confidence.

Conor Ward Professor at the Cloud Industry Forum, spoke about achieving Supporter status: “Particularly in relation to cross border cloud computing services, we share a common goal with the EU Cloud Code of Conduct: a more transparent and secure cloud marketplace, where customers and CSPs alike can understand each other’s data privacy requirements and therefore feel secure in the use of cloud services. We see the EU Cloud Code of Conduct as entirely complementary to our own Code of Practice for CSPs in the UK, and we therefore support it.”

“While Brexit is sowing uncertainty in British-EU relations, this move demonstrates that CIF is dedicated to ensuring that British CSPs and indeed cloud customers can work closely with European organisations on vital issues such as data privacy and the upcoming GDPR. It also enables us to ensure that the voice of British CSPs will continue to be heard when the General Assembly makes decisions on the future of European Code,” he continued.

Jonathan Sage, Chair of the General Assembly of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct, also commented: “We’re delighted to have granted CIF Supporter Status – we believe that there is an alignment between both organisations, a shared philosophy and vision for the wider European Cloud Computing marketplace. CIF’s expertise in educating the UK cloud marketplace and connecting CSPs and customers in mutually beneficial ways with its Code of Practice makes them a valuable organisation with much to contribute to the General Assembly. This value is reflected in the fact that they are one of the first organisations that has received Supporter status. We look forward to working with CIF to create a better European cloud marketplace.”

Under the Supporter status, both organisations will have the right to display and use each other’s brands in order to signify this unity.