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Assurance in the Cloud

Executive Summary

The use of cloud computing has transformed the landscape for businesses. By opting to use cloud providers – and their increased scale – companies have an agile, cost-effective and flexible way of storing data and delivering applications, but this use of cloud has brought new challenges – ones that weren’t an issue when all data was stored in an organisation’s own datacentre….

You’re setting up a new business and, as it’s the 21st century, logically you’re looking to move as much of the infrastructure as you can to the cloud. You’re a ‘born in the cloud’ business. Your business does well: you start pulling in customers from all over the world and, staying lean by opting for the flexibility of cloud based IT services, your business continues to grow. The name of the game now is being agile, effecting real digital transformation by bringing together software and business processes together in a more efficient manner.

But, while your business has been doing well, your executive team and investors have been asking a few questions: how is customer data being handled? What are the risks of using cloud? What assurances can you give?

In discussion with industry leaders, this paper looks at some of the most pressing challenges around cloud deployment and various ways in which organisations can help manage and mitigate the risks. It also looks in depth at the ramifications of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union’s attempt to provide some structure to the way that data is being held and how it can be applied to companies who use cloud, in all its infinite varieties.



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