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6 Benefits of a True Cloud-Based Business Solution

By HighCloud Solutions

If you’re thinking about saying goodbye to the responsibility of maintaining and supporting your in-house business systems, and you’re considering a move to the cloud to gain the agility and insight you need to compete effectively in today’s ever-increasing competitive environment, that’s a wise move.

All industries are facing more competitive pressures than ever before, and we know that wasting time and resources on costly and ineffective on-premise business systems that fail to support your business strategy is simply not a viable option for you and the long-term growth of your organisation.

Read on to discover the value that a true cloud solution can add to your business.

1.  Access

A true cloud system is built from the ground up and designed to function in the cloud for optimum performance. The vendor hosts, maintains and manages the software in their own secure multi-tenant cloud environment, with all customers having access to the same real-time, up-to-date version.

This means that all of your team can access a single version of the truth anytime, anywhere, from any device via mobile-enabled apps. With the ability to easily provide instant updates, online collaboration on the go and almost 100% guaranteed fast-performance uptime, operating in the cloud could be transformative in your business success.

2.  Agility

Because a true cloud system is scalable, it allows businesses to function through peaks and troughs without having to install more servers or configure networks. And, cloud systems can handle rapid change – so growing companies can easily expand the system as and when they need to and quickly mobilise their new workforce across any number of locations.

Business agility is one of the primary advantages delivered by ‘the cloud’. Being more agile as a business increases your ability to innovate faster, adapt quicker and, ultimately, beat your competition.

3.  Cost Savings

True cloud vendors typically achieve better economies of scale, so with a cloud software license you can make significant savings compared to an on-premise solution. And, you don’t have to pay for any upgrades or maintenance – it’s all included.

Plus, when you consider the resources that are freed up and the time saved through cloud computing, you can really start to see the long-term benefits that can pay-off for your company.

4.  Efficiency

With one unified cloud solution, you avoid the need to navigate a combination of fragmented systems to retrieve information and provide updates. Instead, you gain convenient access to a real-time, 360-degree view of your business.

With the tools to work more efficiently, you’ll simplify your business processes; your teams will become more productive and you’ll always have the information you need at hand to make data-driven decisions.

And the best part? Upgrades are seamless and automatic for all customers, meaning that you always have access to the latest software version across all functions of your platform. This allows your IT team to focus on managing online services instead of server maintenance and upgrade management.

5.  Reliability and Security

True cloud solutions have the best IT operations teams available to manage their software in secure, reliable and compliant datacentres that ensure the same consistent service and advanced data privacy protection for all customers.

So, if you’re a start-up and you’re concerned you don’t have the budget for the most advanced levels of service, security and disaster recovery, rest assured that you’ll be receiving the same best of breed service as many large global organisations.

Also, there’s no need to worry about data ownership – you always retain ownership of your data; you can easily take it with you if you decide to move on; and storage is fully compliant to give you complete peace of mind.

6.  Self-Service

The beauty of a true cloud solution is its simplicity. It lets you easily manage and instantly configure, customise, and maintain the system yourself, without having to depend on your IT department or external consultants every time you want to make a change.

And, the system is built on common technologies to allow your business solution to grow outside of the box. It also means your customisations will work when product enhancements are rolled out.

By allowing your teams to take the reins and tailor the system to the way they work, your IT team will have more time to refocus on innovation and development.

Cloud computing is fast becoming the norm. According to the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), 78% of UK organisations are now using cloud-based services of some form – a figure that is set to increase to 85% within the next two years.

There are many reasons for organisations moving from a traditional IT infrastructure to cloud computing, some of which we have highlighted in this blog. However, if you want to learn more about the benefits of a true cloud solution, then download this handy NetSuite White Paper.