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2 Dec 2016

Five Reasons Why Multi-Cloud Infrastructure is the Future of Enterprise IT

By Antonio Piraino

All cloud services are prone to failure. Although technically correct, this argument is widely used by industry laggards as a deterrent to cloud adoption. And even if practical examples of cloud outages support this argument, the cloud industry already offers promising solutions to address these concerns.

15 Nov 2016

8 criteria to ensure you select the right cloud service provider

By Simon Rutt, Programmes DIrector, CIF

As more and more IT systems are externalised, making sure you pick the right cloud providers has become critical to long-term success.

However, the available market is vast, with a myriad of providers offering an even larger number of services. From market giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Google through to smaller niche players offering bespoke services.

So how do you select the right cloud provider from so many? The answer is a defined selection and procurement process appropriately weighted towards your unique set of needs.

We’ve distilled the key factors into a definitive list of 8 consideration areas.

11 Nov 2016

Harvey Nash Technology Survey

Technology has always been about change.

But there is something about right now – as we progress through the 21st century – that suggests this change is happening at an even greater pace than ever.

Like with all change, not everything moves in the same direction; some things grow, some things recede, and some things morph into something else altogether.


2 Nov 2016

There’s always been “Shadow IT” - deal with it!

By Bryan Oak, Director of Consulting Services, Searchlight Consulting

21 Oct 2016

Legal Sector IT Planning: Think Flexibility, Think Stability

In this 2nd blog, Louise Wynn, Business Manager at Instant on IT continues to assess the priorities and focus which customers in the legal sector require for effective management of IT services. 

11 Oct 2016

UK Facing “Digital Skills Crisis” warn MPs

Urgent action is needed to deal with the UK's digital skills crisis, warn MPs, or it risks damaging the country's productivity and competitiveness.

7 Oct 2016

Legal Sector IT Planning: Think Security

In this blog series, Louise Wynn, Business Manager at  Instant on IT discusses the priorities and focus which customers in the legal sector require for effective management of IT services. 

21 Sep 2016
18 Jul 2016

No one on the other end of the line? New customers could be left out in the cold

Use a cloud-based communications system to track and monitor inbound calls improving capacity planning

By Kevin Scott-Cowell, UK MD, 8x8

18 Jul 2016

The journey to Cloud App Acceptance in the Enterprise

By Andy Aplin, Technical Director, Netskope