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Digital Skills

Chairman: Simon Ratcliffe
Principal Consultant, Advisory – Ensono



The overall vision of the Digital Skills SIG is to bring the human element of cloud computing and digital transformation to the forefront of any cloud adoption programme.


Too many cloud adoption programmes fail because the human element is not considered.  Either the changing roles within IT departments or the simple re-training for new skills that are required needs thought and proper engagement of the people management elements of an organisation.

The Digital Skills SIG will work with a range of people including communications specialists and training organisations to promote a strong message around the human factors of cloud adoption and will also act to engage specialist providers with end user organisations to assist where necessary.


The SIG is aimed at all organisations but at the core will be a set of CIF members who can develop and propagate the message that the human element is of equal if not of more importance than the technology in a cloud adoption programme.  The SIG will aim to reach out to end user organisations, specialist providers and advisors and channel focussed organisations who are able to wrap these solutions into their technology offerings.

Utilising CIF and members research, SIG members will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and offerings and engage with end user organisations as well as propagating the wider message that without the human factor, cloud adoption is liable to failure.

CIF’s outreach extends to social media channels and thousands of subscribers and members.   Through partnership with BrightTalk, Disruptive.Live, UK Cloud Awards and numerous public and private events, CIF will propagate the importance of the digital skills message.   CIF will also support this with their Professional Membership e-learning program enabling members to increase their digital skills with a cloud certification scheme.  


Press Releases:

23rd February 2018 - Cloud Industry Forum announces Digital Skills Specialist Interest Group

Any industry members who wish to participate in this group please contact